The Complete HTML and CSS Course For Beginners

The Complete HTML and CSS Course For Beginners

We have created this course with a proper mindset so that you could learn each and every concept from scratch. Each concept of both HTML and CSS is explained in a very detailed way with live examples which we'll launch together on the screen, and I tried my best in making this learning much easier.

So we will start learning all about HTML and CSS from the very beginning since you have to get the complete understanding of what HTML and CSS and what they do!

We have divided this course into few parts for HTML and CSS

We will start this course from learning HTML where you will come to know about tags, attributes, and all the other areas of HTML.

Upon completion of HTML part, we have CSS with lots of videos that would teach you CSS in very details. 
We have separate lectures for each property that we have in CSS so that you could get most of the course.

During the course, we will be building few web pages that take what it is that you’ve learned and apply it to real-world programming to help cement your skills.

The good thing about this course is you don’t need any previous experience on any of these programming languages because we have prepared video tutorial that covers every single aspect of these technologies coupled with code examples that are readable and easy to understand!
We'll write all the code according to the best practices and I'll explain each line of the code in a very detailed way so that you understand why exactly we code this way.

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